About Morning Star Greenhouses

Morningstar Greenhouses was founded in 1996 by Mark and Ann Longbotham with a simple premise.  We grow the freshest plants for the Garden Centers, Landscapers and Re-wholesale markets.  Both Mark and Ann bring more than 20 years of experience to the industry.

Morningstar Greenhouses believes in building ethical relationships that last a lifetime.  They are always looking for new and exciting varieties of plants to provide our clients so they will be able to keep their projects fresh and creative.  They believe that it is important to make the process as easy for their clients as possible.  Their friendly, professional staff is always willing to help customers with information on varieties, spacing, design and bids. 

Morning Star Greenhouses  stock a large variety of plantsMorningstar Greenhouses delivers throughout southeast Texas from Huntsville, Beaumont, Galveston and over to Austin.  We also have the ability to grow custom orders and welcome pre-booked orders.  All pricing is based exclusively to those in the trade, FOB Morningstar. 

Morningstar Greenhouses specializes in color. We continue to add to our variety of plants, maintaining year-round availability of a hardy line of perennials and a reliable assortment of annuals. Our plants are available in 4 inch to 3 gallon sizes.

When you choose Morningstar Greenhouses as your source for wholesale plants, you know that you will always get plants that are raised from seedling with care.  The color and blooms of your plants will always be big and vibrant.   

If you would like to know what is available, contact us at 281-350-0840 or use our Contact Us form and we will be happy to fax or email you a list of our current stock.