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Welcome to Morning Star Greenhouses

We are a premier plant grower and supplier to the Garden Center, Landscapers and Re-wholesale market with the highest quality finished 4” annuals and perennials.  We grow annuals, perennials and tropicals from 4” to 3 gallon.   Our goal is to provide the freshest flowers and plants available.  We are experts in plant propagation and growth and pride ourselves on growing plants properly.

We start our plants from seedlings and cuttings and allow them to grow at their own rate.  We know that to get the beautiful color and large blooms that plants should have, they should be treated with care, not rushed to our clients. 


We always keep up with the latest growing techniques to make sure our blooms are always the best around.  We promote even flowering and well developed root systems that help our plants thrive even in the toughest climates.  

While we are a wholesaler and only sell to the trade, we welcome everyone to come visit our nursery during every season to see the variety of our available plants.  We would love to take you on a tour of our vast facility and show you what plants should look like when grown the right way. Come visit our nursery to see the variety of stock available.

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